Merlin's Heir

Book 2 in the Wyrdwolf series

Book 2 in the Wyrdwolf series

Werehyenas are always trouble. That much is obvious. But trying to protect a young werewolf from being bullied by them leads to all sorts of problems for Isolde as she finds herself facing a toxic mix of the blackest magic and the hyena clan.

It isn't just the peril of fighting alongside the dead mates of the magicians descended from Merlin. There are the attacks on Isolde's witch colleague, Marnie. Plus a Special Operations officer seeking her help with one of his men. On top of which is the distress caused by AWE threatening to disband her team.

And it's all coming at the wrong time. Declan's is furious with her and Michael and threatening to leave the team - and her. It's when she tries to prevent him from carrying through his resolve that Isolde finds out who Declan really is and what links him with Michael. Which leaves her with a choice about Declan that she doesn't want to make.

But worse is the choice she must make about Michael.

The second book in the Wyrdwolf series mixes a dose of South African magic with the real history of District 6, a touch of the Elizabethan occultist, Dr Dee, and a pinch of some of the principles of modern magic. All with a dollop of Celtic mythology and set in a beautiful part of the UK, in a forest on the southern border between England with Celtic Wales.

What more could you want?

Merlin's Heir - 127,000 words, set in sans serif typeface.

  • Author: Alexa Duir
  • Set in: England, 1999
  • series number: Book #2
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