The Black Recorder

Book 4 in the Wyrdwolf series

Book 4 in the Wyrdwolf series
Izzy opens a letter just before her annual Samhain shindig - and instantly endangers her whole family.

Everything is getting personal - from the intrusion into their home by malign magic to Michael being challenged to a duel by one of the greatest magicians in the UK. Even their party becomes a threat as Declan is pursued by a reporter determined to dig up his secrets.

The hunt is on for who threatens revenge on Izzy... and why. As she tracks through the archives of past lawspeakers, Izzy discovers secrets hidden from her dam's past. And her own. Tied by something she did at her daughter's birth, Izzy realises too late the consequences for Michael if she dies.

Hunted by the Inquisition, Isolde and Michael face life - or death - in jail. But first they have to find a way to kill someone far stronger than they are.

The fourth book in the Wyrdwolf series interweaves bits from real modern magic with an imaginary history of magic in the UK, a dash of Heathenry and Celtic observance and a pinch of Christian history in another magic whodunit set in the ravishing countryside of the border between Wales and England.

What more could you want?

The Black Recorder - 131,000 words, set in sans serif typeface.

  • Author: Alexa Duir
  • Set in: England, 2004
  • series number: Book #4
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