The Storm Shapers

Book 6 in the Wyrdwolf series

Book 6 in the Wyrdwolf series

Things aren't going well for Isolde. The new connection she has formed with Michael is threatening her relationship with both of her mates. Nothing any of them do resolves the problem. Then there is the strange light at the Kymin that leads Isolde to the Veilrippers. She should have known that would be trouble. Who is the nun Izzy saw at the Kymin? Where is the Wicked Witch? And what magic was being woven by the singers in the wood?

But it's the strange theft that takes place at the dark moon that takes everyone by surprise. And that presents a threat to their unborn child.

Michael, Declan and Isolde must find the thief in order to ensure the safety of their whelp. the problem is - where to begin? Declan seems intent on pinning the blame on one of Michael's ex-lovers... if only she were alive.

When the dog barks, she sets in motion events that lead, inevitably, to the destruction of an elf and the judgement of two young magicians. But Declan's shapeshifting, Michael's magic and Isolde's judgements cannot rescue their unborn's lost protection. To retrieve that, Isolde must overcome her fears and place her trust in two creatures that are neither Were nor human.

The sixth book in the Wyrdwolf series mixes Finnish and Sami mythology and magic with Heathen cosmology and psychology, a dash of werewolf foetal physiology, a spoon of modern British history, a touch of Heathen magic; a splash of Sami traditions and a pinch of modern horse breeding. All set in a very picturesque part of the English countryside.

What more could you want?

The Storm Shapers - 140,000 words, set in sans serif typeface.

  • Author: Alexa Duir
  • Set in: England, 2010
  • series number: Book #6
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