Ma'at's Feather

Book 7 in the Wyrdwolf series

Book 7 in the Wyrdwolf series

At the end of their summer with the family in France, Izzy and Michael are looking forward to three days by themselves. The last thing they expect is to have to deal with a burglary that results in the theft of the precious showstone. Let alone coping with a couple of Egyptian gods looking for a lost feather. With Michael's heart held hostage, and Declan missing or dead, Izzy needs help. And that involves a descent into the Egyptian underworld.

With increasing desperation, Izzy realises that saving Declan could mean losing Michael - and it might be down to her to make the choice. While they search for the missing feather, the clock is ticking. To have any chance of saving her mates, Izzy and Sam have to work with the dead to find a centuries-old sentient sex toy.

In this fast-paced action thriller, Izzy is threatened with losing more than her mates. As her sire fights to remain as Halfking, her daughter's life hangs in the balance. Will anything remain the same at the end of the three days?

The seventh book in the Wyrdwolf series uses a large dollop of ancient Egyptian mythology and rites, mixed with Were neonatal development, some principles of magic, a pinch of real world amgical history and a dab of substance abuse. All set in a very picturesque part of the English countryside.

What more could you want?

Ma'at's Feather - 129,000 words, set in sans serif typeface.

  • Author: Alexa Duir
  • Set in: England, 2010
  • series number: Book #7
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