Blood Magic

Book 9 in the Wyrdwolf series

Book 9 in the Wyrdwolf series
May seemed like a great month for Izzy to join Marnie and Ishbel for an enjoyable bitchy weekend at a B&B they all love. She had no plans to fall heavily in lust with another guest there. And no intention at all to become trapped by a lethal horde intent on murder. Or worse.

All seems well until the guests take part in a Roman Hallowe'en ritual to appease the unquiet dead. Instead of pacifying a few local spirits, this sets in motion something that threatens all the living in the house. As the descent into hell begins, Izzy and her friends realise that each of the guests in the house has a secret, and that their survival depends on gathering scattered fragments of information.

As the hours pass, it becomes impossible to move around the house to collect what they need. Even the help of Declan and Michael is no guarantee that any of them will get out of this one alive. As they piece together their grim jigsaw, Izzy and her companions find that what is happening is part of a deadly market in souls. And there is only one way out - if one of them is willing to pay the blood price.

The ninth book in the Wyrdwolf series includes large helping of Roman and Greek mythology and rites, a cup of art history, a healthy helping of Arthurian folklore, a pinch of Voodoo magic and a splash of classical necromany to create a claustrophobic thriller set in a real world B&B in a very picturesque part of the English countryside.

What more could you want?

Blood Magic - 119,000 words, set in sans serif typeface. 

  • Author: Alexa Duir
  • Set in: England, 2013
  • series number: Book #9
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