Lord of the Forest-O

Can be sung to the tune of The Raggle Taggle Gypsies. Click here for the gay version.
That night the wind blowed wild-O,
And the lady came to her window-O,
And she heard a voice above the wild wild wind,
That was the Lord of the Forest-O.

And she plucked off her Weitzman shoes,
That she had bought in Harrods-O,
She went out into the street in her bare, bare feet,
All out in the wind and the weather-O.

And she laid aside her Armani dress
That she had worn to the hunt ball-O
And then she put on a jumper and some tatty jeans
To follow the Lord of the Forest-O

And she ran out of her Windsor flat
And she ran through the town to the Great Park-O
Until she came to a grove of old oak trees
Where stood the Lord of the Forests-O

"What makes you leave your houses five,
Your champagne lifestyle to forego,
What makes you leave your brand new silver Porsche,
To run with the Lord of the Forests-O?"

"O what care I for my houses five,
What care I for the champagne-O,
What care I for my brand new silver Porsche,
When I hear the Lord of the Forests-O?"

"Last night you slept in the Dorchester,
With a football star that the papers know,
But tonight you'll sleep with the deer in the woods,
if you stay with the Lord of the Forests-O."

"Oh what care I for a hotel suite,
And what care I for the famous-O,
Tonight I shall sleep with my deer-antlered Lord,
in this windswept glade in the forest-O."

And she settled down on her ferny bed
And the Lord of the Forests lay with her-O
But when midnight came she soon rose up again
For she missed her cocaine and the Bollinger-O!

So on winter's nights when the wild wind blows
And you hear the boughs bend in the garden-O
If wish to hear him call to you to come run at his side
Then you've to give up more than Starbuck's cappuccino!

Alternative ending:

And she settled down on her ferny bed
And the Lord of the Forests lay with her-O
And if you listen well when the winter wind doth blow
You'll hear him call to you to come with him-O

©Alexa Duir 2005

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