Star of Wonder

Can be sung to the tune of the carol: "We Three Kings".
Three High Priestesses of Wicca are we:
We'll give you all knowledge for a minor fee.
Magic & spellcraft with none of the hard graft -
Just wear a 5 pointed star.

(chorus) Oh star of wonder, star of light;
Adorned with chakra crystals bright.
Ain't a scam, no sir - we're certainly kosher.
Just pay and we'll see you right.

Come onto our course and we'll guarantee
That after 5 weeks you will be 3rd degree.
No need to learn ritual or anything spiritual -
Just wear a 5 pointed star.


Once you're HPS you can make all the rules.
Ignore all the books, they're just written by fools.
The thing that's most vital's your HPS title -
And to wear a 5 pointed star.


Forget Gardner & Sanders, we're sure you'll agree
That the Wheel of the Year is a bore - you'll be free
To dictate what a witch is & ignore all the bitches
Who wear a 5 pointed star.


And when people pull rank and say you're a fluff bun
Who knows nothing from nowt and you're just a no-one.
Say tradition don't matter, 'cos you've got all the patter
And you wear a 5 pointed star!

©Alexa Duir 2001

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