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Fantasy crime thrillers with a female werewolf heroine. Available through Amazon.

Book 13 - Here Be Dragons - now out!

Extras to the novels

Packed with information about the world of the Wyrdwolf books from the Bureau of Occult Affairs, the Occult Crime Squad and plenty of others.

Other Goodies

Satirical camp fire songs and serious poetry, as well as some articles on pagan subjects.


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Extras to the books!Free stuff to increase your enjoyment.

ArticlesMainly debunking pagan things

Poetry and Campfire songsboth satirical and serious

The Wyrdwolf novels

Not your standard werewolf novel – and not your standard werewolf! For one thing, Isolde Moonfleet has two mates, neither of whom is Were. Worse, both practice magic, which is a complete anathema among the packs. For another, she's a birthright Lawspeaker, born to exercise law and justice over other Weres. Inevitably, this brings her into conflict with the police and the oppressive Bureau of Occult Affairs, set up to regulate magic and Weres. Practicing without a licence means death.
Through the books, Isolde and her mates fight their way through magicians, Weres and the fay to protect their family and friends. And to stay alive.
Nailbiting thrillers set in an alternative 21st century Britain, the novels weave mythology and folklore to bring the old gods to life. They present updated versions of old pagan religions and are LGBT friendly.

The books were re-edited in 2020. The series is available in paperback or Kindle, via Amazon within your country.

What Readers Say

I’ve read a fair bit of paranormal and urban fantasy, and all too often what it does is to disenchant. In worlds where faeries show up at the office and your best friend is a werewolf, it’s all too easy to wind up with something a bit banal, and to lose the magic. Alexa Duir has written a book full of paranormal beings in the mundane world, and it is truly magical writing. It no doubt helps that Alexa has a deep understanding of myths and folklore. Bringing heathenry into werewolf culture is genius and works incredibly well. Magical characters hold onto enough mystery to stay magical, even though the story takes us into a murder mystery, and a world of arcane bureaucracy and politics. There were times, I admit, when I wondered if some of it was a metaphor for The Pagan Federation…
A really entertaining read, I had trouble putting it down.

Nimue Brown, pagan author

Look, I can't get at Ben Aaronovitch to ask him to publish another book - but I can get at you! so write something, woman, and get it out before the end of the year! I want something to read over my holiday!

Fantasy Nerd

These are absolutely unputdownable! Each book has me on the edge of my seat, either laughing or crying. I've read three and I can't wait to read the rest!

Fan new to fantasy

I love them and have read them all three times so far.


Thank you for the rarity of a character who can be a mother and still be bad-ass and Do Big Stuff.

Fan and parent

I've just finished the last book and I'm gutted! How long will it take you to write another?


I love some of the things you've put in your Extras section. I might use the chatroom as an example in my creative writing session with 15 year olds.